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The flexibility of our design studio enables us to produce free standing structures of significant size and strength.


These sail canopies are popular within the grounds of listed buildings, as they offer shading without compromising the beauty of the building.



Larger canopies typically have stainless steel structural masts which support painted steel booms which are curved to import shape into the sail above.  Steel spreaders or purlins may be required to give a strong horizontal framework.

They have often been used as walkway coverings by schools and offices. On a smaller scale they are available for private customers for the garden or outdoor terrace to provide shading and a significant garden feature.



Our internal Sail Shading concepts are sympathetic to the building structure. They allow light to penetrate whilst shading the glare of the bright sunlight. Typically our Atrium shading designs provide privacy between floors of open space work areas whilst creating architectural design features. We also design our atrium shading for clients who wish to conceal outdated infrastructure of the building.


Scaled down these sail features can make an interesting display to an exhibition area and sail paneling can create rooms and separate work space.


Our range of quality FR fabrics enable us to create interesting sail shade canopies, covered walkways and outside classroom areas.


These have proved very popular with schools and buidlings with interconnecting walkways.




They offer attractive shading for outside space, for restaurants, hotels, smoking areas, walkways, as well as private homes.


Our Terrace Awnings are, by broad definition, 'Sails' which are stretched between masts and fixed points attached to the loading wall of the building.


It is necessary to tension the sail, either by moving the mast head with rigging or by using tension devices such as rigging screws to make sure the sail will not flap and also to impart a third dimension to aid drainage and stability.


Most of our terrace awnings are made in a flame retardant, waterproof acrylic canvas sailcloth which is durable and holds its shape under tension. Please visit our architectural specifications page for more details.


These canopies are engineered to withstand all weather conditions and can be used most of the year.  Care must be taken during the worst winter months when it is usual to remove the canopy to avoid snow loading problems.

Boundary Street Rooftop Awning
QVC Retractable Shading
Galvin La Chapelle Terrace Canopy
Milsoms Hotel Restaurant Awning
Coq D'argent Restaurant Sail Shading
Coq D'Argent Rooftop Canopy
Le Talbooth Hotel River Terrace Sail
Kesgrave Hall Garden Restaurant Sail
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